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Preventing Mold Growth after a Recent Flood or Water Damage

August 30, 2011

Here are a few tips to prevent mold growth, all of which need to be done within 24- 48 hours of the damage.

Assuming you have had an  inch of water or more within you basement area. Waiting for the insurance company can sometimes be too late as most do not cover mold.

#1Try to get all personal items that were damaged up off the floor or to another area of your home to dry them out.

#2 Remove the carpet and padding throughout the area

#3 Remove all the base moldings from all walls in the basement.

#4 Cut the sheetrock  up at least 2 feet on all exterior walls and discard. Insulation behind the walls acts like a very big sponge. Interior walls can some times be saved if you have enough fans. If not remove those walls also.

#5 Remove the insulation and throw it out.

#6 Get as many fans and dehumidifiers as you can, set up the fans in such a way that you create a cyclone affect where the air fully circulates the basement space.

#7 Remember to empty your dehumidifiers twice daily.

#8 If visible mold growth is observed while conducting any of these steps, stop what you are doing and call a mold professional immediately.


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